Your Partner for Auto Parts and Repairs


Remanufacturing and repairs

If you want to have your alternator a starter motor or turbo charger repaired or renewed, we can help.

Contact us with and tell us technical details about the part as well as pictures that show the condition of the part. For better information, may you explain what (you think) the reason is the part is not working properly anymore. Those information help to evaluate the possibility of a repair and epsecially the pricing in advance and if the parts needed are available.

Checking for faults

If there is an issue with an item and you are not sure if it is the part or something else you can send us the part. If you bought this item from us less than 12 months ago, this service will be free (except for shipping fees).
If you want the item of another seller being checked, please contact us. We can check these as well and have it properly documented.

Exchange on your car

We can remove the old and mount the new part on your car as well. The cost depend on your type of vehicle - some are easier to work on than others. Please understand that this service is only available locally at our garage.

Disposal and buying of old parts

We also buy certain used / broken parts. If you have one or more old parts that you want to be properly be disposed or if you want them to be re-used let us know. If possible send pictures of the items that show the condition.
Parts that are burned out have broken housings or were exposed to weather for a long period of time usually cant be used anymore. Accordingly those have no value.